Digital Marketing 101

Business in 2017 is extremely dynamic and that means you need to keep up with emerging trends.  Digital marketing has emerged as one of the most essential tools in your arsenal to build your business and fuel growth.  It takes advantage of electronic media, the internet and social media to bring your brand in front of potential customers.  Here is a guide to digital marketing and how you can boost your performance, digital marketing 101 if you will.

Digital marketing is an ongoing thing

Many businesses fail to appreciate the results of a digital marketing campaign and that is because they don’t understand how it works.  It is not like purchasing a radio commercial, it is not a onetime thing.  Digital marketing requires follow up and you need to view it as a long term strategy.  Posting a couple of pictures on Facebook or Instagram is not going to give you the results that you’re looking for.  Follow up is crucial, you need to remain consistent and the results will follow.

Digital Marketing is far more than just SEO

This is a common mistake that many business owners make, and it won’t give you the results you want.   You need to understand all of the channels involved in digital marketing, they include SEO along with content marketing and social media marketing.  Using all of these channels will help get your brand in front of an even bigger customer pool.

Digital Marketing is not DIY

You might be thinking…”I know how to post on Facebook, I can do this myself”, but posting on Facebook is not the only thing a digital marketing company does in regards to social media.  They put together strategies and find your target audience.  They choose the platform that works for your business, which may not even be Facebook.

Find you market and find where they hangout

As mentioned above finding your market and where they hangout is one of the things a digital marketing company will work with you on.  In some cases they will focus efforts on SEO and in other cases Instagram or Snapchat are where your customers are hanging out.  Once you have identified your target customer then you can get your message in front of them.  Here is some help in finding your target audience.

Research, Research, Research

Research and data are the key to a successful digital campaign, it can help determine the appropriate channels to use.  Failure to research will increase your chances of wasting money.

As you debate whether or not to hire a digital marketing agency you need to understand that a successful digital marketing campaign provides an incredible ROI, far better than you’re going to find in an offline campaign.